Might actually work…

I borrowed a Zoom H1 from work.

Zoom H1

Now I don’t need to worry about the crappy headset mike. Now I need some content and a place to record.

I was intending to record direct to Ardour which I can do with the Zoom as it can work as a USB mike, however it’s primarily a recorder so I cold take it to the car or where ever is quiet and record there.

As for content, I think I’m going to just give myself a list of topics and blabber on about them, editing afterwards. My work on HPR has mostly been scripted but I found I would just go into autopilot. I am thinking of maybe doing some readings of CC or PD works, including my own.

Welcome to Blue Drava

Been putting this off for far too long so here I am with a new WordPress install, a crappy microphone and (hopefully) a podcast.

I’ll be using my laptop and it’s onboard soundcard for now but if I can keep motivated and I do well I will look to invest in some equipment. I could use the studio at work but I get very self conscious when recording so maybe only when no-one is about.


Setup at Radio UNIOS

The main reason for using WordPress is because I’m developing a plugin for the radio automation solution I have at work. To test it out I wanted to make a free culture radio station on my own server. I’ve tried before to make one using Django but it was a bit too involved for my needs. All I need is a few database tables and some scripts to get them interacting with the website and the audio stream.

Watch this space!