Blue Drava 001:

Steve talks about Gaming, Repressed Memories and Radio Automation.



This is Blue Drava, an audiocast with me Stephen Ward AKA AukonDK. This is a show about software freedom, movies, video games and anything else that catches my interest. An egocast if you will. If you’re very lucky I’ll be reading you some of my poetry and short stories.

Zoom H1

Zoom H1

Studenski Radio Unios: The college radio station Steve works on.

Airtime: We run a modified version of this open source radio automation software.

Setup at Radio UNIOS

Rivendell: Professional grade open source radio automation.

BUTT: Streaming software.


Portal, Portal 2
The Talos Principal
Serious Sam 3
Humble Bundle
Gone Home

Reading: Deep Inside Part 1

If you want to get in touch you can email me:
show ‘at’

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