Fun with the ODROID GO

Box of fun

A few weeks ago I ordered the ODROID GO, a DIY handheld from Hardkernel to celebrate their 10 anniversary.

Nostalgia with coffee

There are plenty of videos online showing how to put it together quickly and easily, so here is one where me and my daughter Dot do it slowly and badly.

I had seen a lot of people modding their case for the GO so I gave it a go myself. Of course Dot insisted on it being pink. We had some leftover pink acrylic paint but I also applied some glitter glue first.

Sparkle Sparkle!

Now for the buttons. I had heard that the buttons for the Game Boy Color are a match for this so I ordered some on eBay. I thought either yellow or pink would match the pink so I ordered both.

The d-pad fitted straight away. The A and B buttons require one pin to be removed as they don’t line up quite right. After that they work as good as the originals.

Dot didn’t like the yellow so we tried the white. I like both but she’s happier with this one.

The only thing I’d like to do more is to replace the silicone buttons beneath the screen but the only place I can find them is Retromodding where the shipping would be 10USD. I may wait until after payday for that. I wish I had used them to get the other buttons too.

If I got another GO, I’d love to do it in black with detailing like the ZX Spectrum. This thing plays Speccy games perfectly and easily beats the infamous Vega+.